29 May 2018 / København V, Denmark
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29 May 2018
København V, Denmark
Danish IP Fair 2018

Danish IP Fair 2017

Watch a short film from the 2017 edition of Danish IP Fair:

Stats from Danish IP Fair 2017:

At Danish IP Fair 2017 4,000 new contacts were established among the more than 500 participants. 4 months after the event, more than 60% of participants were still in dialogue with of or more of the people they met at the event. 


“As a visitor to the Danish IP fair, 2017, I had the opportunity to effectively grasp a glimpse of the diverse technologies developed by our research institutions. The down to earth, poster based, venue allowed for meeting new people and facilitated informal discussions. I left the fair with new insights and contacts that later developed into collaborators, so I am very much looking forward to the IP fair 2018.”
Ole Zoffmann Andersen, Research Manager, Elos Medtech Pinol A/S

"A well organised and interactive event.",
Company representative

“Great event”

"Very nice organisation and conference. I would love to join next year"
Company representative