29 May 2018 / København V, Denmark
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29 May 2018
København V, Denmark
Danish IP Fair 2018

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is an independent Danish foundation with corporate interests. The objective of the Novo Nordisk Foundation is twofold: To provide a stable basis for the commercial and research activities conducted by the companies within the Novo Group and to support scientific and humanitarian purposes.

Høiberg website
HØIBERG is a full service patent law firm providing services within the fields of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), including Patents, Designs, Innovation Management, Technology Transfer and Business Development. For more information see the presentation to the right, or visit www.hoiberg.com.

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Plougmann Vingtoft website

Plougmann Vingtoft is one of Scandinavia’s leading consulting firms when it comes to strategic consulting, managing, protecting and commercializing of intellectual property rights (IPR). We help our customers to focus on IPR and to make it a part of their order of business. Visit our website here



AWA patent
We operate by three core values: courageopenness, and passion. We dare to be different, make tough choices and blaze new trails. Our openness to new perspectives means great ideas will not be passed by – and with our razor-sharp specialist skills in law and technology focused solely on creating business opportunities for our clients, our team is nothing if not ambitious. We are forever finding new ways to make our clients more successful.
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Inspicos website

Inspicos A/S is one of Denmark’s leading patent law firms with offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus.  For more information see the presentation below, or visit www.inspicos.com.



Danish Patent and Trademark Office website

Danish Patent and Trademark Office (DKPTO) is a dynamic, modern and market-oriented part of the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. The objective of DKPTO is to be the centre for strategic information, and to protect the rights of both techniques and business marks. We issue Patent and Design Rights and register Trademarks.

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Guardian Intellectual Property Consulting is a patent advisers house. The focus is on the synergy that is reached when patent experts with sound professional backgrounds work in teams and provide guidance that generates results and makes a difference to our customers.

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Patentgruppen provides counselling on all matters of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), i.e. on all matters relating to patents, utility models and designs. Patentgruppen wants to simplify the client’s ways to protect his business, products and innovation through a proactive and strategic approach to IPR. By working as a team, we will let you exploit our expertise both as regards IPR and technical knowledge.